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  • 61. Is Video Vault compatible with all versions of Windows?

    Video Vault is designed for Windows XP Home, Professional and Media Center Edition.

  • 53. Vault: I've update my burner's firmware and verified media compatibility, but I'm still getting errors while burning DVDs(?)

    In the options dialog there is an option to turn on enhanced DVD burner logging ( [X] Debug: Enable DVD Burner Logging ). Turn this on. If possible, use rewritable media so as not to waste another blank DVD and recreate your burning problem. Contact technical support via email and provide them with a description of your problem and the two files in your installation folder named BurnerLog.txt and VideoVaultLog.html.

  • 13. How do I download video to my ZVue Video Player?

    For ZVue Video Player devices, users should click on Export to File and select their device's drive letter in the drive/folder list.

  • 12. When I try to change the thumbnails image, why won't Video Vault let me select or change the image?

    The dialog says a new image has been selected but either no image shows up at all or the old image remains. A: Only jpg images, and bmp images of 24 bit color depth or more, are acceptable for thumbnail images.

  • 11. Why is there only an option to Import a DVD on startup, rather than convert a DVD that's already formatted on the hard drive?

    Video Vault was originally designed to go from DVD -> to Vault -> to whatever format you want (DivX, WMV, MPEG-2). At this time, there is no direct DVD to ‘other format’ path without first storing your movies in the Vault. You might try adding DVD's directly to the Vault as opposed to ripping them to your hard drive first. You can compress them and save space (ex. rip a DVD to your Vault and store it in DivX format), and also store them in the format you want to later export. That makes the export operation very fast since Video Vault does not have to reprocess the format. Additionally, if you're adding a DVD we've already catalogued, when Vault recognizes the DVD, it will display a thumbnail for the DVD and automatically display a user-friendly DVD name and movie listing.

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