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Date: 12/24/2005
Taille: 22.1 MB
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Quoi de neuf dans la Version
• Added additional languages. Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish are now included.
Quoi de neuf dans la Version
• Major version update...
• Added ability to Import (Capture) from Digital Video devices such as camcorders, VCRs, DVRs, etc.
• Added support for some non-DV input devices such as Dazzle DVC 80.
• Added ability to Import Video files.
• Added support for importing VCD discs.
• Added Video Vault to Autoplay list when loading a DVD.
• Added support for importing DVD disc VOB structure when placed at the root of a drive with no VIDEO_TS folder.
• Added DivX 1.3 support
• Fixed a bug to prevent multiple movies from the same DVD from having the same name.
• Fix for parsing IFO structure of some DVD discs when there are a lot of chapters. Symptom: 0 length playback times on movies.
• Numerous small bug fixes.
Quoi de neuf dans la Version 1.2.0
• Added additional filtering of the movie list based on file types.
• Added variable width columns to movie list.
• Added grouping to profile selections.
• Added more robust non-DVD-compliant resolution support.
• Optimized MPEG2 encoder, now does significantly faster MPEG2 encodes.
• Added ability to email a bug report directly to tech support from within Video Vault. (in Help screen)
• Added tool tips to conflict dialog.
• Disabled tool tips and edit cursor on movie list fields that can’t be edited when list is in read-only mode.
• Enhancements added for media size estimates and available space.
• AC3 decoder volume has been increased for PVP usage. Dynamic range information in the AC3 stream has been used to increase the level of quieter passages and soften loud passages.
• Added size check on temp disc space for exporting to WMDM devices.
• Added limited support for non-standard frame rates.
• Enhanced support for AMD (Athlon) CPUs. Now faste
• Fixed additional problems with movie lengths not being calculated correctly in certain circumstances.
• Fixed bug where filter settings were being lost after clicking ‘Ok’ on Options dialog.
• Fixed mouse wheel not scrolling movie list after clicking ‘check all’, ‘check none’, ‘delete buttons’.
• Fixed assert bug when replacing a selected movie in the vault with the conflict dialog.
• Fixed bug where the DIVX progress display would incorrectly display huge numbers.
• Fixed problem with subtitle and audio selection lists.
• Fixed bug in preview from DVD dialog.
• Fixed problem where the conversion time needed was being wildly overestimated.
Quoi de neuf dans la Version 1.1.0
• Added ability to specify movie genres and add keywords to the descriptions, including filtering the movie list based on genres and keywords.
• Added license info to log and About box.
• Added support information and email address to log file.
• Several user interface (UI) enhancements.
• Added “Burn Again” button to success dialog and ability to reburn after a failure.
• Added elapsed time message to “Disc to Vault” and “Vault to DVD” success dialogs.
• Added a link in the Start Menu to the Dazzle User Forum.
• Added a Batch Encode Wizard for AVI files.
• Added support for < 24 bit bmp thumbnails.
• Added support for calculation of more accurate MPEG2 system file playback lengths, WMV playback lengths.
• AC3 decoder volume has been increased for PVP usage. Dynamic range information in the AC3 stream has been used to increase the level of quieter passages and soften loud passages.
• Fixed audio synch problems when moving between DIVX->MPEG2
• Fixed problem with movies lengths not being calculated correctly, thereby giving faulty ‘space available’ estimates.
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