Game of War Fire Age Hack is a worldwide online game which has gained unparalleled popularity in recent times. This is a multi-player game which lets you make friends. Once you have them, you can chat as well as do battle with people from around the globe. There are several aspects to the game. Using cheats is going to help you immensely in battle.

Game Of War Fire Age Hack

Game Of War Fire Age Hack story continues. When you normally surf the web from your iPad or iPhone, you’ll be familiar with the game. It appears that Game of War: Fire Age spends some considerable amount of money advertising the game in mobile browser. This particular game play is the same as the other multilayer strategy-simulation counterparts.  But this one has kingdom age themed. Its graphics look the same as early editions of Warcraft. It’s a great game in its group for those who are fans of city building games.

The focus of the Game Of War Fire Age Hack  is building as well as upgrading structures. Some of them are for collecting resources that you require for making more stuff. I’m talking exactly about stone, ore, wood, and silver.  Others are required to research new technologies and produce troops. Each task in the city needs time and resources, and majority of power-ups will help you quickly finish something.

Game Of War Fire Age Hack

There’s military aspect to the game. You will require defensive structures as well as traps keep what’s yours, and troops to attack other cities for plunder and fame. Leading the charge is some hero unit who may be leveled up to protect the rest of your army, and may even have armor and weapons crafted for him or her. And this will make you much stronger in Game Of War Fire Age Hack.

If any of the above sounds quite familiar to you, there is some good reason for it. This Game of War Age Hack is close to another game . It’s called  The Hobbit Kingdom of Middle-Earth and Kingdoms of Camelot among others. Even the fact you may team with other players so as to form Alliances is not original.


Game of War Fire Age Hack Tips & Tricks

What’s novel here is how Machine Zone ensures players from various countries. All play together without pesky language barrier getting in the way. Whereas other multilayer strategy games put people on different servers by language. Game Of War Fire Age Hack game basically translates chat so that everyone is able to understand each other. If this fact appears like an impossible task due to the way text speak, and short hand normally dominate chat boards when it comes to online games. The answer is crowd-sourcing: you may actually earn in-game rewards through correcting words that the game does not understand! And this is how it works. Live translation is joining players together.

Game Of War Fire Age Hack

Whereas this feature of the game is undeniably cool, you can zoom in and look at little people carrying out in your city your orders. The fact remains that unless the Alliance you have managed to form is in the midst of an intriguing inter-faction war. The focal gameplay is centered on waiting for your task timers to end, and line up new ones. Even the Alliance and daily quests just ask you to tap something And return later to collect your reward.

The Game of War Fire Age Hack has taken some vital steps towards something that’s certainly revolutionary and you can just try it to feel it.


Hey gamers! Have you heard about Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark which was released in the month of June this year? No? It is a video game which is co-jointly created by Activision and Hasbro. It is being developed for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U by Edge of Reality. This game integrates the elements of War for Cybertron I Fall of Cybertron games with Transformers film franchise. The story revolves around the Ark which is launched at continuity, Aligned as well as it also deals with a revolving story of Lockdown’s schemes. This game is equipped with about 40 characters which are playable.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark has a variety of weapons which gamers can use for making their experience an enjoyable one. It does have an impressive sound design as well as coherent story. It is being developed basically keeping two things in mind, i.e. make transformation a fun and make fun by destroying the robots. It has done well on the both up-fronts and even it throws a confusing story towards the users in order to boot itself up. Though it has got a confusing story but it’s quite simple to understand and it revolves around the bad guys who seek out in finding Dark Spark whereas the good guys find ways to stop them.

The outline of the story makes it a straightforward campaign but there are few factors which jump out of the main plot. The Decepticons manages to capture the important relics and the hero jumps in to Autobot mission for hunting around and in the half way the story is being stopped marching towards the inevitable victory. During the early stages, user might get confused between the jarring switches and on which side he actually is. The other thing which is more confusing is that the entire cast manages to sports the similar spunky imitation where the little separates from the logo. It is dubbed with dull audio as well as its level design is not impressive too but has got a grating soundtrack which actually attracts the gamer for combating throughout the stages.


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is a shooting game wherein the users are capable of using the suite of weapons which works impressively and thus making a serviceable shooting. The guns which are provided are available in different styles as well as are semi-automatic with esoteric ideas including the electric beam. Users can easily upgrade their weapons and even get bonuses in return. This game features few bright spots including the co-op Escalation which is quite enjoyable too along with impressive weapons which helps in befitting the bots. The levels are quite filled with uneven difficulty as well as it is a kind of a bland campaign wherein the vehicles transforms with an unsatisfying combat.

On which platform you have experienced Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark first? What you loved the most and what not?