This article highlights the Avataria tips and tricks. To start with, in this game you are given an opportunity to live an avatar’s life with wonder and luxury everywhere. When you create an avatar of your own in the Avataria, you will immensely enjoy the possibilities since you will be enabled to make it yours. Before you go having fun, you should first design the avatar to your individual wishes. There are numerous actions waiting for you here, and you can take advantage of all of them. Get pleasure from everything, you can get everyone involved by speaking and playing with your friends. You can as well do whatever you want from partying, dancing, to customizing and decorating. Avataria has a lot of excitement that awaits you; hence it involves having entertainment with your avatar. When starting, you are to create your own avatar with the essentials. The instant that you embark on the game, the important essentials such as the skin color, and hair will all be decided. Also you might consider Avataria hack for you.
Moreover, you will be able to bring some of your style and personality to the avatar since you will be allowed to make it yours. Afterward in the game, you will be capable of providing him or her with the clothes that you fancy. This is going to provide you with numerous customizing options for the look that you desire. In Avataria, you can as well play with the home that you possess. You can utilize items and embellish it to your stipulation no matter what they may be. By making the most out of this space and using these items, you are going to make your avatar feel like home. Consequently, it is going to have comfort, luxury, and the whole lot that you could want. In the game, It is incredibly easy to do the design work with the way placing everything is easy and with the items selection. You will have everything ready and set up for you in no time at all. You can begin having fun with the customization and the design parts of the game out of the way. The available activities from the start of the game are likely to appeal to you since they are amazing. You will have benefits of enjoying a life that is glamorous that in reality only a small number of people have, and you will also be able to party like a socialite.
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It is possible to play Avataria with your friends since it is a social game. You will have the capability of finding your friends, speaking as well as partying alongside them. Additionally, you can also make new friends in Avataria hence you can have fun with everyone by having huge parties with them just like a socialite does. Besides having the best house and the coolest clothes in Avataria, you can also have an excellent car. You can use the car to get around faster, and moreover you can show off it at the Canyon where there are numerous parties for your enjoyment. Just like in any other virtual game, Avataria has the option of getting married. As a couple, you can celebrate in style by having your own wedding get together even though small but classy.

School of dragons actually imitates the very interesting and fascinating movie worlds of -How to train your Dragon and its Sequel. The kids normally feel engaged, having a dragon to raise and train through different acts, games and quests. Kids are also capable of choosing to raise more than one dragon with distinct powers and skills, once after the first dragon is fully grown. The developer of the game incorporates educational content within the game with both the quests and gameplay. For instance, kids get some kind of mini-biology lessons when they learn how to keep animals and plants on their mini farms. And I have found something interesting for you – School of dragons hack.

Next Generation Science Standards were utilized when exercises and quests in the game were being developed. Kids are shown the importance of observing and recording the results of each kind of experiment in their journals which helps them when reproducing the same products in future. The game provides a virtual world of unimaginable fun because it actually captures the imagination of both the kid and the parent.

Hey gamers! Have you heard about Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark which was released in the month of June this year? No? It is a video game which is co-jointly created by Activision and Hasbro. It is being developed for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U by Edge of Reality. This game integrates the elements of War for Cybertron I Fall of Cybertron games with Transformers film franchise. The story revolves around the Ark which is launched at continuity, Aligned as well as it also deals with a revolving story of Lockdown’s schemes. This game is equipped with about 40 characters which are playable.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark has a variety of weapons which gamers can use for making their experience an enjoyable one. It does have an impressive sound design as well as coherent story. It is being developed basically keeping two things in mind, i.e. make transformation a fun and make fun by destroying the robots. It has done well on the both up-fronts and even it throws a confusing story towards the users in order to boot itself up. Though it has got a confusing story but it’s quite simple to understand and it revolves around the bad guys who seek out in finding Dark Spark whereas the good guys find ways to stop them.

The outline of the story makes it a straightforward campaign but there are few factors which jump out of the main plot. The Decepticons manages to capture the important relics and the hero jumps in to Autobot mission for hunting around and in the half way the story is being stopped marching towards the inevitable victory. During the early stages, user might get confused between the jarring switches and on which side he actually is. The other thing which is more confusing is that the entire cast manages to sports the similar spunky imitation where the little separates from the logo. It is dubbed with dull audio as well as its level design is not impressive too but has got a grating soundtrack which actually attracts the gamer for combating throughout the stages.


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is a shooting game wherein the users are capable of using the suite of weapons which works impressively and thus making a serviceable shooting. The guns which are provided are available in different styles as well as are semi-automatic with esoteric ideas including the electric beam. Users can easily upgrade their weapons and even get bonuses in return. This game features few bright spots including the co-op Escalation which is quite enjoyable too along with impressive weapons which helps in befitting the bots. The levels are quite filled with uneven difficulty as well as it is a kind of a bland campaign wherein the vehicles transforms with an unsatisfying combat.

On which platform you have experienced Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark first? What you loved the most and what not?